JJ Mastercard Helps to Support UK Start Ups

The prospect of starting a new restaurant or takeaway business is an exciting one, but it can also be daunting when considering how to manage costs, particularly with banks getting tougher on loans.

At JJ Food Service, we believe in supporting our customers to be truly independent, which is why we launched the JJ Mastercard, offering caterers up to £25,000 to spend and up to 37 days of interest-free credit, with no monthly or annual fees*.

The Mastercard is already helping many caterers and food outlets – from brand new businesses to established restaurants who are looking for financial support.

Maria is the owner of Italian and Romanian restaurant La Maria in London. She has trusted JJ Food Service with her food and drink supplies since the first day of opening and is one of the latest customers to benefit from the JJ Mastercard. She says:

“I was previously using a credit card to pay for my shopping but when JJ’s contacted me about the new MasterCard I gave it a go. I spend a lot of money every week on fresh poultry, meats and vegetables so it’s really useful to have up to 37 days to pay for my shopping. It helps us to manage our budget without worrying about interest or monthly fees. The application process was really easy. We trust JJ’s with our food and drink, and would recommend the JJ Mastercard to others.”


Not every restaurant is consistently busy throughout the year and managing cash flow during less busy periods can be another challenge.

Restaurant Manager at Chelsea’s Bueno Argentinian Eatery and Steak House, Hernan Ottone, says that the JJ Mastercard has helped to keep the cash flowing since the launch of his new steak house this summer. He says:

“Previously I was paying for my shopping using a personal debit card, but since switching to the JJ MasterCard it’s given us more time to pay, up to 37 days. This has been really useful during quieter trading periods. The application process was really easy – it literally took a few minutes and we did it all online. We will definitely carry on using the JJ Mastercard and we recommend it to others – especially restaurants that are just staring out who might need support to get off the ground.” 

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Some customers are so pleased with the impact of the card that it has encouraged them to expand their business. Fast food outlet Grill Palace in Slough opened just nine months ago and already Owner Sharjheel has his sights set on expansion:

“We opened our restaurant this year and business is booming! I have been using the JJ Mastercard to pay for all my food and drink. Previously we were using a credit card but the Mastercard gives us more time which has helped a lot with cash flow. Things are going so well we are opening a new branch next year – the team at JJ has increased our limit to support our expansion!” 

The JJ Mastercard is accepted by millions of retailers worldwide. The application process takes just two minutes and does not impact your credit score. See how much you are eligible for here. 

*Eligible Limited Companies can gain access to an initial credit line automatically. Credit approval subject to a soft quotation search of your personal credit file – Limits may vary based on your credit profile.
The JJ Food Service Mastercard is managed online by Capital on Tap (www.capitalontap.com) which is the trading name of New Wave Capital company number 07959823 (registered in England and Wales, registered office No.1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG).
New Wave Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reference number 625592. The card is issued by Valitor hf. whose principal office is Laugavegur 77, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Valitor hf. is authorised and regulated by the Icelandic Financial Services Authority as a credit institution (registered number 500683-0589) and regulated in the UK by the FCA (reference number 537475) to issue electronic money in the UK pursuant to a services passport operating under the EC Banking Consolidation Directive. The Card is the property of Valitor hf. and is not transferable. Valitor hf. is licensed as a principal member with MasterCard. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International.