NEW Premium Burger Range  

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a ‘Signature’ range of own-label burgers to support caterers to add gourmet options to their burger menus.
General Manager at JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin said, “The premium burger market is expected to reach £3.3bn by 2019* – we want to help caterers enjoy this growth with higher-end options.

The frozen range includes Gourmet Burgers available in 5oz (36x140g), 6oz (30x170g) and 8oz (24x227g) sizes, and Texan Burgers available in 4oz (48x113g) and 6oz (24x170g) sizes.

“Scoring on the patty helps the burgers to cook more evenly while retaining juices,” said Larkin. “The range is perfectly paired with our Super Crisp Chips, brioche buns and SQ-Easy sauce,” he added.

Prices start from £16.99 for JJ’s 5oz Gourmet Burger (36x140g); the equivalent of 47p per burger.

The new ‘Signature’ range has been launched with eye-catching, vibrant packaging and is part of the wholesaler’s plan to create a family of premium products.

Existing premium own-label products will join the ‘Signature’ umbrella to make it easier for caterers to identify premium options.

See the full range here.