Takeaways must embrace social media to thrive in 2019

Takeaways must be brilliant at promoting themselves on Facebook and Instagram to bolster sales in the year ahead, according to new findings from JJ Foodservice company, FOODit.

Social media accounted for more than 35,000 visitors on takeaway websites built by FOODit in the past year, and £25,000 worth of sales, a 52% increase on the previous year.

“It goes to show just how quickly these platforms are becoming an important part of restaurant and takeaways’ sales, says Richard Bradshaw, Head of Operations at FOODit.

There were 2.46 billion social media users in 2017 and there will be more than three billion social media users in 2021 — just three years from now, according to data from Statista.

Yida Sushi promotes its dishes on Instagram – yummy!

In the UK, Facebook has more than 30 million active users – the equivalent of half the UK’s population. This is expected to increase to more than 41 million over the next three years.

“It’s not enough to simply be online – the best caterers are using social platforms to promote the uniqueness of their offer and to drive loyalty and sales with their diners,” said Bradshaw.

California dreaming: vibrant images help Yida Sushi to whet Japanese-food loving appetites

To support its takeaway customers to do the same (if they are not already) FOODit is offering all caterers access to a free-of-charge ‘Social Media Master Class’.

Last month, FOODit also unveiled a new contemporary website design, showcased here by Yida Sushi in Islington, London: https://www.yidasushi.co.uk/   

For more information about the Social Media Training, contact elit.rowland@jjfoodservice.com 

*According to Google Analytics data for the past 12 months