Bready or not, here we come!

Our management team have just come back from a trip to Belgium where we saw first-hand how JJ’s LetsDough bakery range is produced.

Ready for action! We started our trip with a visit to the milling factory

Did you know that flour is an explosive? Flour particles become dangerous when they hang in the air as dust – the grains are so tiny that they can burn instantly.

When one grain burns, it lights other grains near it and can cause a huge explosion! At the milling factory we visited, it takes ten cleaners a day to make sure that the flour particles are kept under control.

2500 tonnes of grain go through the factory every day, from the top down – one burst pipe and a room can fill with grain in seconds!

Our first stop was the milling factory (pictured above) which produces 600 different types of flour mixed from eight wheat varieties.

A giant tube sucks up to 200 tonnes of wheat every hour from the container pictured above, which delivers 2.5 tonnes of grain at a time to the facility.

At the bakery factory, we saw our very own LetsDough baguettes lovingly prepared – starting out in what looked like the biggest cake mixer you’d ever seen, to being stretched, cut and slit (by high powered water beams).

Our baguettes go through three laps of stringent Quality Assurance checks around the factory before being packed and shipped off to JJ’s.

Our suppliers took us for a beautiful walk along the river in the city where we were lucky enough to sample some of the local beer!

One of the highlights of the trip was the bread sampling. Everyone got involved in tasting at least 30 different bakery products  and somehow we still had room for lunch!

Upper crust – we had the pleasure of sampling a range of breads, including rustic sour dough varies made in an Artisanal stone mill.
Health and safety first – the team wore protective clothing throughout the visit to ensure products are kept in tip top condition

We finished our trip with a team strategy meeting – but not before a quick trip to the local supermarket where we picked up some Belgium beer and chocolates to take home.

Big thank you to our fantastic suppliers for a fun, educational trip. We will never look at a piece of bread the same way again!