Why you should ask for the ‘freshest frozen’ fish

Do we really know how fresh our fish is? And is fresh really better than frozen? We are launching a campaign to promote the ‘freshest frozen’ fish – and here’s why.

85% of fish sold in UK shops are frozen at sea (FAS) fillets. These fillets are sustainably sourced and have been frozen within hours of being caught.

FAS fish can have a surprisingly long shelf life of up to 24 months, but we think timing can make a big difference: the sooner fish is served, the more juicy and succulent it will be!

That’s why we recommend that our fish and chip shop customers choose the ‘freshest frozen’ fish, to keep their customers happy and coming back for more!

Frozen fish can retain more vitamins and nutrients compared with fresh, due to being caught and frozen so fast.

To support shops to serve the ‘freshest frozen’ fish, we are now including Catch Dates on our website and marketing materials. So next time you order, make sure you ask for the freshest frozen!

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